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Family Responsibility Office

The Family Responsibility Office is the Ontario Government body normally in charge of collecting support payments from the support payor and providing the collected funds to the support recipient.  They have a variety of tools available and can track payments made and/or owing.  Specific steps may be required to start or stop the collection process (ie: if there is an agreement and no court) or to stop the process if both parties agree to withdraw or if support should be ending.

Telephone:  1-800-267-4330

Child Support Guidelines

The Federal and Provincial governments have passed laws intended to standardize the amount of child support payable in most cases.   The amount of support is determined by the number of children, the parent(s) income and the parenting circumstances (ie: how much time a child spends with either parent).  The Guidelines also provide a framework for calculating extras like medical, extracurricular and post secondary expenses.  Exceptions exist for unusual circumstances.

Ontario Child Support Guidelines 

O. Reg. 391/97

Child and Spousal Support Calculator

A software company called Divorcemate (frequently used by lawyers and judges) has made a basic child and spousal support calculator available for public use.  The link is intended to provide a basic guide for information purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice.  Every situation is different and you should consult with a lawyer before making any agreement or decision that could have important long lasting consequences on you and your family.

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